Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am not a fat-phobic person, and neither is my spouse, the Education Tipster. But it is difficult to avoid eating a lot of fat, which is twice as caloric as carbohydrate or protein. For that reason we try to avoid using too much lard or bacon fat. Fat alone is not so much of a problem. Added sugars are. Not just soft drinks, but sugary foods too. The high-glycemic foods like white- flour baked goods plus the fats are what are really dangerous because the “sugars” bring on the insulin which stores the fat. The fat by itself is practically neutral (except for the calories) and only becomes problematic when consumed with carbohydrates.

Many people must eat out during the day, and I appeal to them to be careful of their dietary choices. Tomorrow I will share with you some useful lunchtime suggestions to help slow down fat storage.

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