Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you aren’t of eastern European heritage, you may not be familiar with Kasha, roasted buckwheat kernels that are available in different granulations, from coarse to fine.  Kasha has a wonderful nutty flavour that stands on its own.  You may want to substitute it for rice once in awhile.  It can be used in stuffing, soups and as a delicious breakfast cereal.   A simple way to serve it is as a pilaf with onions and mushrooms.  I’ve had it countless times with farfalle in it, but you can omit the pasta and make this pilaf as a side dish.  With one egg in it, which magically disappears before it is finished, you get the protein equivalent of two eggs in a ¾ cup serving.  Let’s make some delicious kasha pilaf:
2 cups (16 fluid ounces, ½ litre) beef consommé or broth
Salt and black pepper to taste
2 tablespoons of butter
1 cup Kasha (Buckwheat groats)
1 egg
1 chopped onion
½ cup sliced mushrooms

 Bring to boiling the broth, salt and pepper.
Meanwhile lightly beat the egg in a bowl with a fork. Add the Kasha and stir to mix with the egg.
In a skillet, fry the onion and mushrooms in the butter until softened.
Put the egg-coated kasha in a warmed, dry (no butter), separate skillet or saucepan. Turn heat high and keep stirring until the egg has dried and the kernels are separate. Reduce heat.
Stir in the boiling broth mixture, the vegetables, cover well and simmer about six minutes, till the liquid is absorbed.  Taste for tenderness, may need another minute.
Makes about four cups of pilaf.


Manzanita said...

I do sometimes make kasha, especially in the winter because buckwheat is very warming. It is nutritious and delicious.Your picture is inviting. Thanks.
Wanna buy a duck

Her highness, Samantha Vérant said...

I've never tried Kasha. And I do love nutty flavored grains...

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