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For the millions of people affected with type 2 diabetes, life can be a daily round of medicating, testing and watching what you eat. But when the conventional prescribed medication isn’t helping, further steps are required, such as insulin injections. In my spouse’s case, hoping to avoid even more piercing of skin, we started a homeopathic treatment course of therapy to bring down the diabetes blood sugar levels.

In addition to the H&N Diabetin #1 and #2  supplements previously mentioned, I am also giving my spouse 2 capsules of 200 micrograms of H&N Chromium Picolinate. This homeopathic nutritional supplement:

1.      Increases the efficiency of the body’s insulin
2.       Helps convey protein to where it is needed
3.      Helps lower high blood pressure
4.      Helps prevent sudden drops in energy
5.      Helps to reduce appetite
6.      Increases the metabolism of sugar

Additionally, I give her 40 drops of H&N Health Paradise’s Pancreatic Complex. These drops, taken twice daily between meals stimulates the production of pancreatic cells, restoring its functions, particularly insulin production.

Additionally, she takes 40 drops of H&N Oligoelement Germanium. These drops, given twice daily, perform a myriad of functions. Among them:

  1. Helping to improve the immune system
  2. Oxygenating body cells to provide energy
  3. Helping destroy damaging free- radicals
  4. Aiding in controlling elevated blood pressure

I’m happy to report that in the short period we’ve been following this protocol we are seeing concrete success.

In the first seven days, my spouse’s twice a day blood sugar test readings have averaged between 171 and 160. On the eighth day her morning reading was 166 and the evening reading was 121, for an average of 143. That is still too high but very promising because the 121 reading is almost ideal. Her diabetes care doctor has told her that any reading 120 or less is perfect. Since using the H&N homeopathic diabetic treatment remedies, the readings are steadily trending downward.

In this short period Kathy is seeing some blessed relief and we are looking forward to readings closer to 120 on a routine basis.

I was told it would take one to two weeks to start seeing some relief, and after one week I am seeing positive results. If the readings continue to improve we will re-evaluate the dosage of the prescribed diabetes medicine, which has gastrointestinal side effects.

It would behoove anyone with type 2 diabetes to check out this natural homeopathic treatment method for controlling or reducing blood sugar levels.


My Journey With Candida said...

Yay!!! I am so happy that this is working for her. I love it when I hear herbs help heal us.

The one problem you might have is convincing your doctor that this is what worked for you. The Doctor I was going to has a hard head and thinks I am nuts. LOL.... I may be nuts but the herbs work for me and my candida.

Manzanita said...

Way to go, Kathy. I'm with Terry. I've always done the natural thing for my health, too. In fact,I can't recall ever going to an MD... except my husband insisted I let a MD deliver the babies. But I'd just walk into a hospital when I was in labor and nurses were shocked that I had no pre-natal care. But I had the best.... I had my own.

Torviewtoronto said...

happy to hear it is working
my regards to kathy as well

Jean said...

thank you for this!


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I love to hear homeopathic success stories!!!! So happy for Kathy - and yourself Anthony - that the new herbs & supplements are working their magick. Fantastic! I'm a big believer in homeopathic healing, after all it's worked for thousands of years, before our 'modern medicine' came along. Great post, thanks for sharing this info!

maha said...

thanx allot for this post

Swathi Iyer said...

Nice to hear that homeopathic treatment helping in reducing blood sugar. My hubby is type 2 diabetic, he is taking metformin and controlling with food.

Joanne said...

Oh I am so happy this is working!!!!
Blessings, Joanne

Kalyan P said...

Although its popularity is on the wane, homeopathy still remains one of the best medicinal treatments for the human body.

anthony stemke said...

MY JOURNEY WITH CANDIDA: Kathy & I are more optimistic than ever.
I know about doctors. They are trained a certain way and can only deal with drugs supplied by companies because that is all they really learn. All their time is spent using conventional drugs. We am grateful for your support Terry.

MANZANITA: You are a wonderful inspiration to all. You actually walked into a hospital in labour? Amazing. I believe in the natural way.
When willow bark was found to offer analgesic relief, the first thing to happen was AG Bayer & Co found a way to isolate the product, make a pill and patent it.
Thank You for calling, so happy to hear from you.

TORVIEWTORONTO: Kathy and I thank you for your kind words Akheela.

JEAN: Praise the Lord.

ANDREA THE KITCHEN WITCH: I am so happy to be reporting good news. Thanks Andrea for your support.

MAHA: You are very welcome, Thanks for calling.

SWATHI LYER: Kathy taking Metformin too. Not working as well as it used to, thus using homeopathic remedies. Metformin causes gastrointestinal distress also. Good luck to your spouse.

anthony stemke said...

JOANNE: We are happy too, looking forward to complete control sans conventional drugs.

KALYAN P: I couldn't agree more. Thank You for commenting here.

Admin said...

Quite a moving story! I was always sceptical about homeopathy and still am but I'm happy for her that it worked! :)

anthony stemke said...

ADMIN: Skepticism is a good thing but if something works I'm all for it, no matter what it's call.

Joanna said...

Glad to hear that you're seeing results. I hope it continues.

anthony stemke said...

JOANNA: Me too, Thanks.

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Best of luck to you and Kathy with the new treatment. It sounds as though it is already working!

If you ever do research on acid reflux to eliminate the need for pills, please let me know.

Glad to see you are doing the A to Z Challenge 2012 also.

Lynda R Young said...

It's great the treatment seems to be working. Diabetes runs in my family.

Jean said...

Dear Anthony, I have given you The Versatile Blogger award. Please come to my blog to pick it up! Thank you so much! jean

Sonali Pradhan said...

very useful post an definitely helpful for me as my mom is diabetic......thanks for sharing!

anthony stemke said...

GAIL M BAUGNIET: Thanks for your wishes, we appreciate it.
As for GERD, take a look at "My journey with candida" blog. She has info on homeopathic treatment of GERD. Hope you are well otherwise.

LYNDA R YOUNG: If the homeopathic treatment holds up and we can eliminate the standard prescribed medicine, I will be shouting about it but as of now am still keeping my fingers crossed (metaphorically)

JEAN: Thank You Jean.

SONALI PRADHAN: You are welcome, thanks for calling. If this is successful I will shout out the news.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on how Kathy is doing with the homeopathic treatment. That is great news.


anthony stemke said...

SUSANNE DRAZIC: Yeah,I am becoming more and more confidant every day.

diabetes said...

Hi, Caring for ur health take care -(:

qualitywriters said...

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